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1. This site is now as well as and Note: The mark “palemoon” is used under Nom­in­a­tive Use and/or Fair Use. Markus Straver knows how it'll go if he so much as squeaks. Howdy, Markus! :P

Markus Straver Palemoon move was brilliant

Note to Markus: You know that Matt needs to release the Interlink source code. How sharp was it to let Matt go after Feodor2 when Matt him­self is one of the most egre­gious vio­la­tors of the Mozilla Public License license on the the planet?

Such brilliance. It shines in the night.

2. News: We've received what's said to be a Fall 2021 snapshot of the illegally concealed Interlink source code. The tarball is unverified. Use at your own risk. However, you can download it at the following link:

It doesn't seem to be the actual source code. Matt Tobin has apparently withheld the "branding/official/" subdirectory. But I might be able to reproduce the official branding using images from Interlink binaries as a starting point.

As a related note, Tobin's failure to abide by the upstream license might release developers from the obligation to honor terms and conditions that he's imposed.

In short, Matt might not be able to do much about alleged violations of his I.P. rights because he's in egregious violation himself.

3. This site provides the censored UXP Mypal source code as well. To go to the UXP Mypal page, click on the following link:

What is this site?

Welcome to also known as and Note: The mark “pale­moon” is used under Nom­in­a­tive Use and/or Fair Use.

Albus Luna is a Classic Firefox (tm) work-alike based on a well-known Firefox (tm) fork.

The upstream fork is considered to be important but is dis­tribu­ted under re­stric­tive terms and con­di­tions. Albus Luna exists to pro­vide the FOSS com­mun­i­ty with a de­ri­va­tive that can be modi­fied with­out the issues in ques­tion.

Albus Luna is, in short, a post-Quantum Classic Firefox (tm) fork that you can mod­i­fy large­ly as you wish.

As another goal, the intention is assemble a few of the best XUL exten­sions from the past 10 to 20 years and to ship them with Albus Luna. In some cases, the exten­sions will be pre-installed and in other cases they'll be avail­able but not install­ed.

The browser comes with ScrapBook X, Tab Mix Plus, and Saved Password Editor pre-installed and more exten­sions will be add­ed.

This site distributes the UXP Browser Bundle. The bun­dle features Albus Luna and 5 other Mozilla programs in one easy-to-build source tree:

Classic Firefox — As Albus Luna
Pre-Quantum Firefox — As Iceweasel
Netscape — Or a reasonable facsimile
Seamonkey — As Blue Gorilla
Thunderbird — As Icedove
Chatzilla — As Ambassador

Unpack the source tarball, install a few depend­encies, and run a single “bash” script. 3 hours later — de­pend­ing on hardware — you're fully Mozilla'd up with 6, count 'em, 6, Mozilla pro­grams that include XUL sup­port and no need for Rust.

It's never been this easy to fill your distro to burst­ing with pre-Quantum non-Rust Mozilla soft­ware. XUL Forever is the endeavour.

Here are the links:

Documentation: uxp-browsers.txt

Latest source tarball: uxp-browsers-nogit-211215.tar.bz2

This source tarball corresponds to upstream — PaleMoon (tm) — 29.4.3.

Alternate link: This link will always go to the latest release:


264MB in size
Contact Email: me at albusluna dot com
Privacy Policy and other pages will be added later.

Some important caveats:

4. This is a pre-beta source tree intended for devel­op­ers. There are a num­ber of rough edges.

One example is that most of the Help links and simi­lar links which are built into the pro­grams go to Error 404 pages and/or obso­lete pages. This issue will be addressed over time.

5. The source tarball omits git histories. A version with git histories will be post­ed if there's suf­ficient inter­est. However, there are two caveats related to that:

(a) The most important subtree, Albus Luna, won't include git histories regard­less be­cause they've been drop­ped in the up­stream project.

(b) The git-histories tarball will be over a giga­byte in size. It may be neces­sary to dis­tri­bute it as a tor­rent.

6. The regular source tarball may be taken off­line temp­orarily at some point due to band­width limit­a­tions. If so, it'll be moved prompt­ly to a ser­ver that has more band­width.

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AlbusLuna is Better than Tuna
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Netscape Lives Again
UXP Netscape browser fork
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