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Pale Moon XMPP/Jabber server

This service will cease to operate at the end of August 2014 due to continued abuse and disproportionate maintenance effort required as a result, as well as a change in focus of the operator. Please use the time available to let your contacts know, and switch to a different XMPP server to use. There are many solid, reliable alternatives available.

Welcome to the website of the Pale Moon project's XMPP/Jabber server!

This XMPP/Jabber server was set up initially for the beta testers of the browser, but has been opened up to public registration and use, since traditional IM services have come under increasingly heavy fire with regards to privacy of its users.

This public service was created to provide people with a de-centralized, privacy-safe alternative to traditional instant messaging services (like Yahoo, MSN/Skype, ICQ, AIM), and has the following features:
  • Secure connections: All client-to-server connections are encrypted (use a client that supports this, or you won't be able to connect). Server-to-server connections are encrypted where possible, as well.
  • CA-signed server certificates: Thanks to StartSSL, the XMPP server uses server certificates signed by a certification authority to ensure proper identity.
  • Dedicated server: The service is run on a server dedicated to this task, located in a large datacenter in Europe. Down-time should be minimal as a result.
  • No logging or auditing: Your conversations are never audited, scanned or logged. Your private conversations are private here. Because of the EU location and private nature of this server, no government or supervising agency will be able to enforce this kind of invasion of privacy.
  • Connectivity: Because of the open nature of XMPP, you will be able to immediately connect with any other XMPP service like Google Talk, or Jappix - simply add the ID of your friend to your contact list, and the server will make the appropriate connections. Note: This is not compatible with Google Hangouts which is Google-Only.
  • In-band registration. The easiest way to register an account is using so-called in-band registration. You can make a new account directly from your XMPP/Jabber chat client! Please check the manual of your client to see if it is supported and how to do this. Due to abuse, in-band registration is currently disabled.
  • Web registration. You will need to pick a user name (do not include and password, as well as solve a captcha. Although not required, you should enter your name and e-mail address as well so the administrators can contact you or verify your account in case of problems. Without these details recovering your account will not be possible. Visit the registration page at to do this. Note that this page is currently very basic and will be expanded upon and secured in the future. Due to abuse, web registration is currently disabled.
  • No anonymous users: To combat spam and abuse, no anonymous (guest) users are allowed.
  • Off-line messages: If your contact is off-line, the server will store off-line messages for them to be delivered when they log back in.
  • Contact list stored server-side: Your contact lists are stored on the server, meaning you will always have your contacts available no matter from which device you connect.
  • Chat rooms: If desired, you can make chat rooms using for all your group chatting needs! The server also allows you to create persistent rooms from your client.
  • More to come...

How do I use this?

You will need a Jabber/XMPP compatible chat client. For example: Spark, Trillian or Jitsi.

When registering, do not include as part of your user name.
Your Full JID (Jabber-ID) will be: [email protected]
You need to make sure your client uses encryption for the connection (TLS) or you won't be able to connect.
Optional: If required by your client, the server address to connect to should be set to port 5222 - most clients do not need this as they will automatically look up the proper server address through DNS SRV records.

Using "legacy" SSL connections is also supported, on port
5223. Note that the old SSL method is not an XMPP standard method and will possibly be removed in the future. Legacy SSL connections are no longer supported to improve security of the server.

How do I not use this?

There are a few things to avoid when using this service, as it's meant for normal chat purposes:
  • Do not create test accounts! Any accounts with obvious testing account names and passwords will be removed without notice. This is required to prevent abuse of the server through compromised accounts.
  • Do not use weak or easily-guessed passwords. Avoid passwords that are easy to guess, like passwords containing your user name, "12345", any permutation of "password" (including "Leet Speak"/1337 5P34K). Avoid overly short passwords or passwords with solely repeated characters.
  • Do not run automated software/bots! This service is meant for person-to-person communication only. Do not run any automated software that could cause unnecessary or unwanted traffic, including but not limited to rapid-fire messaging, broadcast messaging to many JIDs, (public) autoresponders and feed services. If your account displays characteristics of messaging consistent with automated software or bots, your account may be locked out temporarily or permanently.
  • Please note that we have a 0-tolerance policy for spam. If you are found to be abusive in this (or any other) way, your account will be locked out permanently without warning. Please keep things nice for everyone on the XMPP network, thanks :)

Contacting the administrator

If for whatever reason you need to contact the administrator of this server, please go to the Pale Moon home page, choose Contact in the menu, and send a message using the form with subject "The Pale Moon XMPP server". To prevent unsolicited commercial e-mails, e-mail addresses are not listed on this site.
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